Cavs GM Chronicles – Part 3: The Final Candidates

Kevin Costner: Costner was credited with turning around the Browns in just one offseason through a series of stunning trades and great draft picks. While this all took place in the 2014 drama “Draft Day,” it is fair to assume it was pretty realistic. Costner has proven he can build a winning football team, so how much harder can it be to build a basketball team? Costner has not refuted rumors that he is interested in the job, and he has already contacted Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph, the writers of “Draft Day,” about roles in the front office.


Twitter User: While unlikely, Dan Gilbert could consider turning the team over to the true experts, the many Twitter GMs that make up #CavsTwitter. Had the thousands of Twitter users had control of the team at the beginning of the offseason, it is likely that Paul George, Jimmy Butler and 1996 Michael Jordan would have been in acquired via a trade in which the Cavs would’ve given up only Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert and a few picks. It is yet to be seen whether or not Gilbert will be willing to turn over control of his billion dollar investment to the couch executives, and it is considered a long shot.

Dan Gilbert: In the eyes of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, the person pulling the strings needs to be Dan Gilbert. He has experience as a GM (the Anthony Bennett pick), he has hired coaches before (David Blatt) and has great writing skills (in Comic Sans). Gilbert essentially acts as GM already, hence the power struggle between him and David Griffin. It appears Gilbert is willing to go back to his old strategy of having all-time-great talents born within the Greater Cleveland area.