Potential 2018 destinations for LeBron James

With LeBron James’ contract set to expire after this upcoming season, there has been much speculation regarding where he will end up. Cleveland Mocks takes a look at a few of the possibilities if James does in fact leave Cleveland a second time.

Lakers: According to multiple sources attempting to get cheap website clicks, James is seriously considering leaving Cleveland for LA next summer. With a supporting cast in Cleveland that lacks the firepower needed to win multiple championships, the opportunity to play with Brandon Ingram and Jordan Clarkson is a hard one to pass up. The downside for him is that he would have to be second fiddle to already-anointed superstar Lonzo Ball.  

Heat: James hurt a lot of fans in Miami when he left, and he reportedly has a desire to return and conquer some unfinished business. A third championship in Miami would mean more than any other ring he has, and the opportunity to bring it to the loyal, long-suffering fans would be quite the task. James has reportedly always dreamed of righting his wrongs from a team he left high and dry in order to bring their fans a championship.

Clippers: There is a chance James could go to Los Angeles, but not to the Lakers. He would love to join a franchise with rich history such as the Clippers, known for their multiple Western Conference Semifinals appearances. The chance to play below the many banners of current players faces will be a tempting one.