Indians fan criticizes Chris Perez’s lack of attendance at MLB games recently

CLEVELAND — Chris Perez infamously criticized Indians fans for lack of attendance during the 2012 season, but looking back, the former closer may have been being a bit hypocritical. Jake Grossa, a longtime Indians fan from Westlake, pointed out that Perez has very sparingly appeared at MLB games since 2014, and never in his normal seat in the bullpen since then.

“He pointed out how not enough of us went to the games, but he stopped going in 2014,” Grossa said. “How can you criticize an entire fan base, then not even go to games yourself?”  

It is worth noting that Indians fans would often show up on the weekends, but Perez stopped attending major-league games altogether. Many Indians fans are also wondering the whereabouts of Perez’s dog Brody, who was last seen sitting calmly in the Perez home eating a very stale bag of pretzels.