Report: Browns willing to include Swagger, Dee Haslam in package with Osweiler

BEREA, Ohio — As training camp progresses in Berea, the Browns are actively shopping quarterback Brock Osweiler and his massive contract. The Houston Texans had to include a second-round pick just to entice the Browns into taking the QB and the $16 million annual cap hit, and now the Browns are trying to flip the former Bronco again.

The Browns reportedly are so anxious to get Osweiler of the books, they’d be willing to sweeten the pot. Much like Houston had to throw in a second-round pick, the Browns would be willing to throw in Swagger, the live dog mascot, or, for the right deal, Dee Haslam. All reports indicated Sashi Brown believes Swagger’s value on the market is quickly declining, and coupling him in a package with Osweiler could be enough to convince a team to take on his contract. In addition, the Browns may be willing to trade Dee Haslam, beloved wife of Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, but in this scenario, the Browns would not only dump all of Osweiler’s contract but likely acquire a conditional pick.

The best chance for a trade would be if another QB goes down due to injury, similar to Ryan Tannehill. Another factor to watch is Swagger’s no trade clause, which the canine would need to waive in order to be dealt with Osweiler.