NBA to release early schedule of games LeBron James will try in

NEW YORK — The NBA recently released the opening-week and Christmas Day schedule for the upcoming season, and we now know that a few more games will be teased before the entire schedule is released.

In one highly anticipated category, the NBA has announced it will soon release the dates of the games that LeBron James will give effort in during the regular season.  

Fans will soon be able to mark their calendars for the few Cavs games worth watching during the season, and fans of the Cavs are excited to know when these games will be.

“It will be good to know early the few games that LeBron will give defensive effort and aggressively drive to the bucket in,” said Cavs fan David Langman of Maple Heights, Ohio. “I’ll be able to ignore when the rest of the schedule comes out.”  

With the opener and Christmas game already announced and James not getting any younger, it will be interesting to see how many games he wants to expend energy in. There are already some rumors about which games will be announced: It appears a Thursday-night affair against the Spurs at some point may make it, as well as the annual home game against the Warriors.

The NBA is also hoping to know if Kyrie Irving gets traded soon, because James is expected to give effort against the star point guard he “mistreated” the past few years.