Aaron Judge, 49 other Yankees and Indians players get set for ALDS

CLEVELAND — Aaron Judge is bringing 24 teammates with him to Cleveland on Thursday to begin the American League Division Series. Opposing Aaron Judge and co. will be 25 Indians players.

“We’re very excited to see Aaron Judge,” said a spokesman from Fox Sports, which will broadcast Game 1. “Aaron Judge!”

Aaron Judge hit a home run during the American League Wild Card Game, a two-run shot to left field that ESPN’s “SportsCenter” has already nicknamed “The Homer.”

Will more dingers come in the best-of-five series? Fox Sports is banking on it.

“Every video package and graphic we’ve worked on has revolved around Aaron Judge’s long home runs and general godliness,” said the spokesman. “We actually had most of these made back in like June, so we were probably going to use them regardless if the Yankees or Twins advanced.”

ESPN Stats & Info checked the average time into the game that a hitter batting second typically comes to the plate, so fans will have a clear window of when they should all rise. Of course, given the slothenly pace that the Yankees play at, perhaps you should add another 45 minutes to those projections.

Aaron Judge will take the plate in the first inning on Thursday at approximately 7:42 p.m. ET. Some pitcher for the Indians will be foolishly trying to get him out.