Tyronn Lue surprised to see Jose Calderon at Cavs practice

CLEVELAND — With the staggering number of big names and personalities the Cavaliers have on their 2017-18 roster, it’s a challenge for coach Tyronn Lue to manage all 15 players.

That’s why Jose Calderon, who was signed early in the offseason, apparently completely slipped the mind of the third-year head coach until he noticed him practicing on Thursday.

“I went over to (assistant coach) Larry (Drew) and asked if Jose Calderon is on our roster,” Lue admitted to reporters who saw him staring puzzlingly at the 36-year-old veteran taking shots in the corner. “I had seen Jose hanging around in the offseason, but I figured he was just friends with some players or had retired and gotten a front-office position or something.”

Lue said he will meet with his coaching staff to determine a role for the Spaniard. He indicated Calderon’s role to begin the season will probably include keeping LeBron James’ seat warm and giving high-fives to the starters during timeouts, but he will probably be the starting point guard by February when Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade and Isaiah Thomas are all injured.

Calderon, meanwhile, said he has been scoping out some great early-bird dinner deals around Cleveland along with fellow geriatrics Kyle Korver, Channing Frye and Rose and Wade’s knees.