A more toned-down Gregg Williams now just offering coupons for big hits

CLEVELAND — Browns defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has an infamous past from his time with the New Orleans Saints. Who can forget the Bountygate scandal, when Williams was caught paying players for big hits in an attempt to injure opposing players?

After NFL punishment, though, Williams apparently has learned his lesson and is not the same coach he was during his time with the Saints.  

Williams is reportedly now only offering coupons to Browns defensive players who take out someone on the opposing team.

“It was a tough lesson to learn, but I had to take a step back and realize giving money to the players just wasn’t right,” said the first-year Browns coordinator. “Giving coupons is a more responsible way to give incentive to our guys to target players on the opposing team.”  

Williams has bought this year’s entertainment book and has been selecting coupons he will give to players. For a big hit on a star, he is prepared to give coupons for a few local steakhouses.  For a big hit on lesser-caliber players, he has already cut out the buy-1-get-1-free Romanburger coupon for Mr. Hero.