Klay Thompson insists through tears he’s over 2016 Finals

CLEVELAND — Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson has made his feelings clear about the Cavaliers’ celebration of their 2016 NBA Finals victory in the days leading up to the Warriors’ return to Cleveland on Wednesday.

Thompson called the Cavs “bums” and “idiots” for enjoying the fact that the 2016 Warriors, who won more games in the regular season than any team in NBA history and had the first-ever unanimous MVP in Stephen Curry, became the first team in league history to blow a 3-1 Finals lead and gave Cleveland its first championship in over 50 years.

The shooting guard, who seems to have conveniently forgotten that he was talking tons of trash when the Warriors took the 3-1 lead, including publicly telling LeBron James that the NBA is a “man’s league,” insisted he was officially closing the book on the 2016 Finals after the Warriors’ 129-105 win over the Cavs on Wednesday.

“It’s so dumb that anyone would even think that I still care about that,” Thompson said. “Anyone who counts off championships is just insecure. We owned them in 2015, 2017, and 2018, why does everyone forget about that? Those are the series that people should be remembering, not that one that I don’t even care about anymore. Check the rings!”

Thompson, along with the rest of the Warriors roster, also seem to have forgotten that Draymond Green called Kevin Durant immediately after the Game 7 loss to beg him to join an already-historically great team because they didn’t feel they had what it took to beat James and Kyrie Irving on their own.

As Thompson talked about how little he cares about that blemish in the Warriors’ legacy, his eyes began to stream tears and it became harder and harder for him to speak. By the time he felt satisfied that the media in attendance believed he hasn’t been kept awake at night at least thrice a week thinking about what went wrong in the series, about half a box of Kleenex had been put to use.

A source in Thompson’s inner circle said his next media blitz will be to convince everyone he isn’t embarrassed that a then-77-year-old Richard Jefferson dunked in his face on Christmas Day ‘16.