The last fan insisting Lonnie Chisenhall sucks admits he’s a good player

CLEVELAND — Since the first whispers of Lonnie Chisenhall being a bust came along in 2012, the legion of Cleveland Indians fans having it out for him has grown and grown.

But with Chisenhall recreating himself as a platoon outfielder in the second half of 2014 and proving himself to be a valuable commodity, that crowd shrunk and shrunk until only one was left: 33-year-old Travis Greene of Parma. But now Greene has finally said the words he has avoided for years.

“Lonnie is a pretty good player,” Greene said at a press conference. “He’s not a star like he was supposed to be when everyone said he was the top prospect in all of baseball, but he’s good to have around.”

As recently as June, Greene was quoted as saying that Chisenhall was not a clutch hitter despite being the MLB leader in RBIs per at-bat. Every positive Chisenhall at-bat led to Greene telling his friends to just wait until Chisenhall’s “yearly hot streak” ends shortly.

But with the first half of the season over and Chisenhall putting up career-best numbers, the writing was on the wall.

“I’ve always prided myself on openly rooting against members of my favorite team so I can tell everyone I was right when I said they suck, but I just didn’t have enough of a case anymore,” Greene said.

The fan went on to say that he was going to double his efforts to drag Bryan Shaw’s name through the mud, while also preparing his case against Jason Kipnis after a poor first half.

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