Cavs GM Chronicles- Part 2: More Candidates

Homeless man who told Jimmy Haslam to draft Johnny Football: The Cavs need to take a hard look at the homeless gentleman who told Browns owner Jimmy Haslam to draft Johnny Manziel in 2014 as a possible GM candidate. It isn’t easy to find a candidate who has GM experience as well as hometown connections, but this drifter seems to check both of those boxes. All signs indicate he will get a serious look from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert for a prominent role in the front office.

Dr. Phil: Yes, that Dr. Phil. The famous TV personality would fill a number of roles for the Cavaliers. In addition to being a noted basketball fan, he could help mediate the constant conflict between LeBron James and Dan Gilbert. A great locker room presence could also greatly benefit the Cavs. Dr. Phil could also prove a huge asset in recruiting potential free agents. GM experience is only trait lacking, but the psychology “expert” would still be considered a slam dunk hire by most.

George Kokinis: The former Browns GM has plenty of experience scouting talent, having served as director of pro personnel for Ravens in addition to GM of the Browns. It has been noted that Gilbert is particularly a fan of Kokinis because he can be fired without reason or cause. Should the team struggled early, Kokinis could be escorted out by security with no further explanation.

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