Brandon Guyer spends entire batting practice having pitcher throw ball at him

CLEVELAND — Major-league players are constantly tweaking their pregame routines in order to gain an edge, and Brandon Guyer thinks he has found something that works. Before Sunday’s game in Oakland, Guyer did not move the bat during batting practice and just had the pitcher nail him with the ball for his whole session in the batter’s box.

“I am always working on new ways to get the ball to hit me and the more practice I get just makes me more likely to not get out of the way of the ball,” the Indians outfielder told reporters.  

This strategy allowed Guyer to get hit by a whopping 31 pitches a season ago, and he has no plans to start avoiding the baseball.

He says he may start casually sticking his arm out over the plate hoping the umpire will still give him first base. There are also rumors that he may stop bringing a bat to the plate soon and just hope for the hit by pitch, and with the season he’s having at the plate, who can blame him?