Cavs GM Chronicles- Part 1: The Candidates

Ever since the Cavs made the bold move to let go of David Griffin as their GM, there have been many rumors for what is next for the front office.  Cleveland Mocks explores the possibilities for the Cavs in the GM chronicles. Part 1 takes a look at a few of the top candidates to fill the position.

Richard Hamilton: Now that Chauncey Billups has rejected the Cavs’ offer, Dan Gilbert’s attention has turned toward his former teammate Rip Hamilton. Hamilton has the same great qualifications as Billups, such as having played for the mid-2000’s Pistons. If Hamilton is not interested, Gilbert plans to target Tayshaun Prince next.

Mike Brown: Gilbert admitted that firing him as coach the first time was a mistake, but the second time he said he was just in the wrong role. The Cavs would like to make up for firing him again by putting him in the GM role. The Cavs are also already paying him now, so they might as well find a role for him. His known great relationships with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving would be a huge advantage of this move.

Paul DePodesta: The Cavs would love to snatch the analytics guru from their hometown football team. He would bring his number crunching mentality to the Cavs in the hope that he could find the right numerical formula to get LeBron to stay past 2018. There are some worries, though, that he is too focused on the free-throw attempt rate stat rather than looking if a player is actually good.