Indians Onion mascot faces criticism for comments about dollar dogs

CLEVELAND — Onion has found herself boiling in some hot water after a now-deleted Instagram post referred to dollar dogs — the Sugardale franks that are sold by the thousands on select weekend home dates — as “disgusting.”

She followed up the next day after deleting the original post by saying she was not referring to the qualities of the hot dogs themselves but rather the conditions that they are cooked in, often leading them to either be frighteningly undercooked or burnt to a crisp. She went on to say that she plans to make a donation to Amnesty International in their names.

Followers on social media were quick to point out that Onion is not cooked at all, but rather appears to be some sort of fuzzy, inedible material. Words such as “elitist” were commonplace on her social media timelines.

There was a smattering of boos directed toward the aromatic weiner during the Hot Dog Derby in Friday night’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, which was won by Ketchup because Ketchup always wins.