Source: LeBron James may be willing to fake own death, assume new identity in order to sign with Lakers this offseason

LOS ANGELES — Even though the 2017-18 season is yet to played, speculation has already begun about where superstar forward LeBron James will be playing, come the beginning of the 2018-19 season.

ESPN seems certain that James will make the move to the West and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. With ability to opt out of his current contract coming in the summer of 2018, one thing is for sure: James will play at least one more season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Or will he?

According to a recent and very loud report by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, James may have found a loophole in the NBA’s system in which he could find himself signing with the Lakers this offseason. James would be willing, according to his “close, personal friend” Smith, to fake his own death and assume a new identity in order to sign with the Lakers.

Smith says his sources have said James would fake a boating accident and keep off the grid for a while, before using a new identity to try out for the Lakers. Once he tries out, he will be eligible to sign a max contract this offseason.

It is easy to see why a chance to play with the Lakers is worth the risks that come with faking your own death. Playing with bonafide studs like Vander Blue and Ivica Zubac is a hard one to pass up.