NBA to add 4-point line, but only for Cavs and Warriors

NEW YORK — Every offseason, the NBA takes a look at any rules it wants to possibly change. One of the most drastic changes ever occurred in 1979, when the 3-point line was added to the court.

With the recent trend of ever-increasing outside shooting, the thought of the 4-point line has entered into the NBA realm, and according to commissioner Adam Silver it just might become a reality.

“We plan to add a 4-point line to the court, but only the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors will be able to use it,” Silver said. “The last three NBA Finals have featured high-quality basketball, and this rule change will add greater intrigue and strategy to the series.”

It is not yet known how the other 28 teams feel about this change, but it is likely many have stopped caring about competing with the Cavs and Warriors for the time being. There are some parties that are excited for the change including ESPN, which is already preparing its coverage of the 4-point shot.

ESPN staff members are prepared to cover Stephen Curry hitting the first 4-point shot ever, as last season they acted like he was the first person to ever make a 3-point shot on each one of the 324 he made during the year.