Tristan Thompson working to add bricking mid-range shots to his game

CLEVELAND — The Cavs have had an eventful and distracting offseason, but that hasn’t stopped the players from continuing to work tirelessly to improve their games for next season.  One example is Tristan Thompson, who is practicing every day to add an element to his game. He is planning to add the bricked mid-range shot into his repertoire next season.  

For Thompson, it is a chance to expand his offensive game that has some well-known limits. “I’m just working hard every day, staying in the gym as much as I can,” said the Cavs big man.  “I won’t leave the gym until I clank 20 in a row off the back rim.”  

For the Cavs, Thompson attempting to shoot mid-range shots could provide some much-needed floor spacing for LeBron James and company.   Another teammate, Iman Shumpert, is reportedly set to join Thompson for workouts next week. He plans to show him the fundamentals to keep your shot consistently bricking off the rim, and Shumpert’s in-game performance in that category speaks for itself.