Indians fans having trouble forgiving Bryan Shaw for the 1997 World Series

CLEVELAND — For many Indians fans, the 1997 World Series is still an open wound, and it might be a long time before they are at peace with what happened. As many know, the Indians lost a one-run ninth-inning lead to the Florida Marlins before losing the game in extras, and fans have increasingly been blaming current relief pitcher Bryan Shaw for the outcome.

Longtime Indians fan Rick Harris remembers watching the game in his living room like it was yesterday.

“I just remember being deflated, it was such a tough loss to witness,” the 59-year-old said. “As much as I want to forgive Bryan Shaw for what happened, I’m just not able to do that yet.”  Harris is not alone when it comes to this sentiment, as plenty of other Indians fans are using the same argument against the Indians setup man.  

Shaw has not been affected by the fan resentment though, as despite it he has put up a solid ERA every season he has been on the Tribe. Shaw knows that if fans looked at his performance the last few years, his pitching would speak for itself, but the cloud of the ‘97 Series seems to follow him no matter how many scoreless innings he throws. Many of the same fans who blamed Shaw spoke positively of closer Cody Allen, but they said right after the next save he blows they will proceed to blame him for every Indians loss this season.