ESPN cuts coverage of all small-market teams

LOS ANGELES — ESPN has had some well-known struggles lately, but it believes it has a solution to get back on track: The “Worldwide Leader in Sports” has announced it will be cutting coverage of all teams not located in a big market.

The network says it will give the fans the coverage they want, which is nonstop stories and hot takes on teams such as the New York Yankees, Jets and Knicks. An ESPN spokesperson is confident this coverage change will help turn around the struggling network.

“Fans of all teams care deeply about big-market teams no matter what the record of those teams are,” the spokesperson said. “With this move, all fans will be able to enjoy no highlights of any teams and just incorrect overblown takes on a select few squads.”

This plan is set to roll out next month with a special day of coverage dedicated to the new ESPN programming. It will be begin with one hour of Stephen Curry dribbling two basketballs. The second hour will be dedicated to the retirement of Derek Jeter and how baseball will never be the same without him. The day will continue with a special “First Take” discussion on if the 1996 Chicago Bulls would beat the 2017 Warriors. Some other coverage is still to be planned, but the last six hours of the day will be a live telecast of the Yankees-Red Sox game.  Only time will tell if this plan will get ESPN back on track but at the very least it is sure to get some more exposure to what fans want to see.