North Korea launches ballistic missile test: How does this affect the Browns QB competition?

CLEVELAND — Last week, Kim Jong Un and North Korea made global headlines by claiming to have advanced nuclear capabilities. They went on test a missile, commonly believed to be a KN-14 liquid fueled intercontinental missile, just this past month.

While very few details are known, it does pose many big questions, one of which being how does the missile and threat of nuclear war affect the Browns’ intense quarterback competition?

Brock Osweiler struggled this first preseason game, going 6-for-14 for only 42 yards and reopening the QB competition in practice. A potential nuclear war could favor Osweiler, for a number of reasons. Osweiler’s impressive 6-foot-7 stature is good for not only seeing over offensive linemen but also potentially noticing incoming missiles from miles away. He also has had the pressure of playing in a playoff-like atmosphere, which could come in handy should he have to play through nuclear war. This being said, his lack of accuracy could hurt should he be called upon to knock a missile of target by hitting it with a football.

Cody Kessler is probably hurt most by the imminent threat of a mobile warhead. He is the smallest quarterback on the roster and is not mobile enough to scramble past the opposing front 7 should he need to. In addition, his lack of arm strength doesn’t bode well should he need to throw a long ball past opposing defensive backs or North Korean soldiers.   

DeShone Kizer’s status as the number two QB doesn’t change as much. He has the arm strength and mobility needed to shred trough both defenses and nuclear battles. That being said, he is so unproven in football as well as international conflict, it is most likely he’ll stay with the second unit.