Terry Francona planning to call only bunts for an entire game

CLEVELAND — Terry Francona has been known for some bold strategies in his managing, and he may have even topped himself according to recent reports.

Francona is no stranger to calling for the bunt, and he is planning to take that to the extreme in an upcoming game of his choice: The manager plans to call for the Indians to bunt on every batter for a whole game.

“The game is all about manufacturing runs these days, and bunts are the perfect way to do so,” said the manager known as Tito. “This strategy will allow us to scratch out multiple runs during the game.”  

It will be interesting to see how the Indians opponent will counter this strategy. If all infielders are moved in, the Indians may have to pull their bunts back then try to bunt it a bit harder into the outfield. It is also widely believed that Edwin Encarnacion plans to attempt to bunt the ball over the wall, but it remains to be seen if that is possible.