writer already working on Week 4 article about team’s slow start

CLEVELAND — When it comes to the journalism industry, articles must be pumped out at a fast pace, and many writers try to get ahead with their pieces., the online home of the Cleveland Browns, is no exception, and the website writers are already working on their articles for the season. Specifically, one writer has said he is already almost finished with his article on the Browns’ 0-3 start to the season and their plans to rebound.

“I always try to get ahead so I already have an outline documenting the team’s slow start and how many 0-3 teams have ever made the playoffs,” said the writer. “All I’ll have to do during the season is get some quotes from players on how they are not giving up and are going to turn things around.”

This is not the only case of the staff trying to stay ahead of the curve. Another writer said he is just about finished with his article about Joe Thomas’ Pro Bowl season despite a lack of team success. It may be an unpredictable NFL season, but we now know that will be prepared for the few likely scenarios to occur in Cleveland.