Indians unveil plaque honoring time they had 455 fans at April game

CLEVELAND — On April 14, 2010, just 455 fans came out to watch a talentless Cleveland Indians ballclub lose to the Texas Rangers on a cold, rainy Wednesday night.

Now the Indians will commemorate that night forever with the unveiling of a plaque reading the three-digit number in right field.

“It’s important that we remember both the highs and the lows,” said Indians president Chris Antonetti. “We’ve always been proud of our incredible sellout streak from the ‘90s, but we can’t pretend it’s been all sunshine and roses.”

The game is still remembered vividly by all the fans sitting miserably at the park, as well as the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of fans watching at home. Justin Masterson gave up four runs in the first three innings to take out what little life was in the stadium to begin with. The park was rocking when a rookie by the name of Michael Brantley hit a ground-rule double to make it 4-2, but Aaron Laffey immediately gave it back and the Rangers won it by a 6-2 final.

Jerry Thompson of Brook Park, who was one of the few fans in attendance, says he can still remember hearing The Beer Guy yelling in left field while he sat in the mezzanine on the opposite end of the stadium.

Indians reliever Joe Smith, who threw two pitches in the game, struggled to recall anything about the 2010 season: “I could’ve sworn I was hurt all year.”