Browns Week 1 recap: Reactions to the annual season-opening loss

Game summary: The Browns hung tight with the Steelers in their season opener but lost by the score of 21-18. When it comes to Week 1 for the Browns, the question is not if they will lose, but how it will happen. If you chose a blocked punt, a crucial dropped pass, and questionable clock management, you would have nailed it this year.

Key moments

Blocked punt: The Browns started their season in style by going backwards on their first drive then getting a punt blocked for a touchdown. Some believe this was done of purpose to not confuse fans of the intentions of this year’s squad.

Dropped pass: Kenny Britt was a new acquisition for the Browns this year, and he quickly followed in the footsteps of past receivers Braylon Edwards and Greg Little. Britt dropped a wide-open pass for a key first down that would have set up the Browns to lose in some different way.

Clock management: Hue Jackson made a nice philanthropic gesture late in the game when he donated his last two timeouts. He decided that giving them away would be the right move rather than using them for personal and team gain.  

Key players

Ryan Shazier: The former Ohio State linebacker showed he fits in well with the Steelers culture when he went in for a late hit on DeShone Kizer.  

Joe Haden: Haden ran around on the field during this game and happened to be in a Steelers uniform to the surprise of some in attendance.

Brock Osweiler: The man who was given Cleveland nicknames mere weeks ago was not in attendance as he was cut from the team, but the lack of his presence did provide an emotional boost for the Browns.