NFL prematurely adds Joe Haden’s Week 1 interception to stat sheets

CLEVELAND — With the Browns and Steelers’ season opener not kicking off until Sunday, one shouldn’t expect any statistics to exist for either team. So it’s probably surprising for everyone involved when they look at the NFL’s interceptions leaders and see new Pittsburgh cornerback Joe Haden on there.

“It’s so inevitable that we decided to just get an early jump on it,” a league spokesman said. “Cut by the team he was on for like a decade and then facing them Week 1? In what world is Haden not going to get an interception?”

The spokesman noted that although it is a foregone conclusion that Haden will pick off a pass on Sunday, there is still plenty of intrigue about how it will happen. Will he jump a route, will it be tipped to him, or will DeShone Kizer throw a pass right to him? And how about the return after he hauls it in?

“We were very tempted to mark him down for a pick-six, but some of us didn’t quite feel comfortable setting that in stone,” the spokesman said.

Fans will get the opportunity to see how Haden’s interception unfolds at FirstEnergy Stadium at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday.