Kelley Blue Book gives being a Browns QB a 1-star safety rating

CLEVELAND — Kelley Blue Book is a trusted source when it comes to safety ratings, and this year it does not view the quarterback position of the Cleveland Browns in a positive light. The Blue Book’s latest report gave the position of Browns QB a 1-star safety rating, saying it entails danger coming at you from all sides and a lack of protection from said danger.  

“In past years there have been weaknesses at certain offensive line positions and a lack of a running game to keep defenses honest,” said a spokesperson from Kelley Blue Book on the rating. “The Browns did revamp their offensive line this offseason, but it remains to be seen if they can keep a quarterback healthy for more than a few weeks at a time.”  

The Browns are confident they can get this rating up to at least a 2 by next year. They plan to wait at least a few weeks into the season before letting their QB get nailed in the head by a linebacker coming at full speed. There are many who believe though, that the rating has a chance to go up immediately simply due to getting rid of Cam Erving.