NBA officials office admits multiple missed calls in its last-two-years report

NEW YORK — The NBA is known to do after-the-fact reviews of the performance of its officials. What many don’t know is that this is done during the offseason, as well. The NBA recently reviewed all calls in the last two years of NBA games and admitted to finding multiple bad calls.

It turns out that calls went against all 30 teams in the league, and there is sure to be some backlash coming from players and fans alike.

“After careful review of all calls from the past two seasons, we determined that numerous calls were missed against all 30 teams” said a representative from the NBA office. “As always, we will do nothing now that we have found these incorrect calls, but everyone should just know that they were incorrect.”

The NBA plans to continue to review the performance of officials. Next season, the league is considering live feedback during games. This will entail an NBA official running onto the court during a coach official argument to alert coaches when the call was incorrect, though no calls will be changed.