Report: Cavs found 2020 second-round pick in MRI of Isaiah Thomas

CLEVELAND — Kyrie Irving is now officially going to Boston after a multiple-day hold-up on the trade due to the condition of Isaiah Thomas. The Cavs were worried about the condition of his hip, and many wondered what exactly was found in the physical of the All-Star guard, and now it appears we finally have answers.

It is being reporting that in the MRI of Thomas, the Cavs found a 2020 second-round pick in his hip. The Cavs are pleased they discovered this in Thomas and look to use it down the road. Cavs GM Koby Altman commented on the discovery, “With the worries about the health of Isaiah Thomas, I am glad we were able to find an additional draft pick during his physical. Our medical staff is some of the best in the world, and we could not ask for more than uncovering a future asset.”

Altman did not comment on how he plans to use the pick in 2020, as he is not sure if Dan Gilbert will fire him in a power-hungry move at some point before then. The Cavs are most likely to take a foreign big man that will play in Europe with the pick, and we’ll all be able to thank the delicate hip of Isaiah Thomas.