Joe Thomas finds great early bird deal on annual early January vacation

CLEVELAND — Veterans like Joe Thomas know how the football season works by now, and the Browns offensive lineman also knows how to get a good deal on his travel plans. Thomas every year takes a vacation with his family in early January, and this year he has already found a great deal on a flight for the new year.

Thomas was asked if it worried him that the flight is non-refundable.  “Based on the history of my whole career, early January is a time where I am very free, so I felt good snagging the deal,” the veteran said. “My whole career I have planned on having that time to spend with my family.”  

Thomas did mention that it is a given he makes the Pro Bowl, but that will be the extent that he needs to play in January. Other members of the Browns do plan on taking postseason vacations but are refusing to book their flights yet.  Leave it to a veteran like Thomas though to kill it on the field and get the best deals off of it.