Browns plan to show team unity by never kneeling at the end of a game

CLEVELAND — This past week, the headlines have been dominated by the kneeling protests of the NFL. With opinions flying on all sides, the Browns wanted to plan their approach to the sensitive issue as a team.

The team could not come to a consensus on their approach to the pre-game display, but they were all in agreement on one aspect: The entire squad agreed that no one on the team would kneel at the end of a game for the entire season.

Rookie starting quarterback DeShone Kizer chose to speak for the team in regards to this decision.

“There were mixed reactions when it came to a pre-game plan, but I was glad there was something we could come together on,” he said. “I will personally make sure that no one on the team, especially me, takes a knee at the end of any games this year.”

The players were proud that despite their different backgrounds, they were capable of being united as one.

The Browns were not sure of their stance of kneeling at the half but think it might be necessary after their weekly two-minute drill touchdown given up. They stand firm, though, that at the end of the fourth quarter, there will be no scenario where kneeling is necessary.