LeBron says he has secret plan to make the Finals without making playoffs

CLEVELAND — LeBron James has had many impressive accomplishments over his career, with his seven NBA Finals appearances in a row being right near the top. It almost seems inevitable that the eighth straight appearance is coming, but after a 3-5 start by the Cavs, the team is searching for answers.

Consistent with the last few James-led regular seasons, lack of defense and effort has plagued the Cavs, leading to multiple blowout losses against teams not considered elite.

James said in a press conference Thursday, though, that he has a secret plan to make the Finals, no matter what happens during the regular season.

“We’re going to the Finals whether we make the playoffs or not, and I got a secret plan,” said the four-time MVP. “I’m not telling anyone what my plan is.”  

It must be said that all past teams that have not made the playoffs, such as the 2013-14 Sacramento Kings, have failed to make the Finals as well. James’ plan should ease the concerns of fans invested too much into the regular season, though. Until the plan is known, fans will continue to have to watch the lack of defensive effort and the fact that Kevin Love is their starting defensive rim protector.