Cleveland Mocks Rapid Reactions: Browns fire Sashi Brown

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam was able to handle his team going 1-26 over the last two seasons, but that 27th loss was just too much.

Torn between the choice to blame the incompetence of the coaching staff or front office, Haslam went with the latter and showed Executive Vice President Sashi Brown the door Thursday morning.

Brown drafted some players and signed a few others in his tenure in Cleveland. He also traded down in the first round for both of the drafts he ran, missing out on star quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson in the process.

When reached for comment, the same Browns fans who defended Brown’s rebuilding plan with all their might as recently as earlier this week now say he was a terrible GM and the team made a genius move in getting rid of him.

The Cleveland Mocks staff reacts to the firing:

“Hard to believe a guy who had no football experience didn’t succeed with flying colors.”

“This is what happens when the Browns cut corners and hire someone from Harvard instead of Yale.”

“The Browns are finding ways to ruin our Thursday instead of just Sunday.”