Chris Paul alleges that twin brother Cliff stole over $12 million

HOUSTON — Court documents have revealed that Houston Rockets superstar Chris Paul alleged that his twin brother Cliff Paul stole over $12 million while he was a member of the Los Angeles Clippers.

The story comes as sad news for many who were touched by the reunion of the identical twins, who were separated at birth before being reunited through a chance encounter many years later and bonding over their love of assists.

Chris testified that Cliff convinced him to take out several fraudulent insurance policies supposedly through his then-employer, State Farm. Cliff, instead, spent the money on lavish vacations and nights out, shaving his mustache and ditching his glasses to convince women that he was the NBA great.

A spokesman from State Farm noted that the company terminated Cliff’s employment last year. He went on to say that the company’s biggest regret is pretending that the Clippers were an amazing team in all their commercials, and also having Damian Lillard hanging out with Clippers players all the time for some reason. He lastly pointed out that it’s a crazy coincidence that Cliff’s last name is also Paul if he was separated at birth.