Report: Sonia Sotomayor will not interview for Browns offensive coordinator position

CLEVELAND — It’s no secret that many members of the Browns organization and fanbase have pressured head coach Hue Jackson to add an offensive coordinator to the coaching staff after two seasons of calling plays himself.

Critics have said that beyond Jackson doing a subpar job with his play-calling, the added work may very well have resulted in some time management blunders that were all-too-common.

While everyone has their own personal preference for the offensive coordinator job, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that she will not be interviewing for the position.

Sotomayor has served in the Court since August 2009 after an appointment by then-U.S. President Barack Obama following the retirement of Justice David Souter.

The New York City native is notable for being the first Justice of Hispanic heritage. She is considered to be very liberal-leaning and often makes pleas in the interest of the civil rights and liberties of the parties involved.

Schefter went on to say that the leading contender for the offensive coordinator job appears to be Hugh Jackson, a bald, African-American man in his early 50s wearing a fake mustache. A search through the archives finds no photos of Hue Jackson and Hugh Jackson in the same room.