Tristan Thompson embracing new role as waste of space

CLEVELAND — After the Cavs won the 2016 NBA Finals, starting center of that team Tristan Thompson proclaimed that players must be a “star in your role.”

By that time, Thompson had won over many fans with his role of doing the dirty work and getting offensive boards. Roles change over time, though, and since coming back from injury this season he has found himself forming a new calling with the Cavs.

Thompson is improving in his position of becoming more and more of a waste of space out on the court, and just like in his past role he is embracing the challenge.

“Teams change and with that players need to adapt, and I have accepted that my role is not what it used to be,” said the Canadian big man. “Every game I am becoming more comfortable being a waste of space and feel I am steadily improving at it.”  

Thompson is not the first Cavalier to excel in this role. After being signed last season, Deron Williams unexpectedly turned out to be quite the waste of space, especially during the NBA Finals.

Thompson does plan to get a few rebounds here and there, but after his offensive boards he plans to lose the ball out of bounds or get it stolen. Stay tuned to the Cavs to see the constant evolution of Tristan Thompson.