Tyronn Lue working to add playing defense to Cavs defensive schemes

CLEVELAND — The past few weeks have seen the Cavs struggle, including a four-game losing streak which consisted of back-to-back loses of 28 and 34 points. Just 3-8 in their past 11 games, the Cavs’ defense has been exposed as porous, and coach Tyronn Lue is taking note.

 Lue said Friday, from Cleveland Clinic Courts, that he is going to adjust accordingly.

“Schematically, we are going to have the guys play defense, as part of our new defensive scheme,” the third-year coach said.

Lue continued to say in the past, playing with effort on the defensive end wasn’t part of the game plan, and that could have contributed to the Cavs giving up 108.6 points a game.

“Our current system of standing around, ball watching and hoping our opponents miss just isn’t working out for us” said Lue when addressing why the Cavs allow opponents to shoot 53.9 percent from the field, good for second worst in the NBA. Lue also hinted that the team would practice defense during practices and even start trying to box out and rebound.

For Lue, this represents the first major coaching move he’s made in his time in Cleveland. Lue stressed that this radical system change won’t take place overnight, but he’s convinced the Cavs have the talent to be a top 25 team defensively.