Opinion: Tom Brady should force trade to the Browns

When it comes to sports, it is often said that to be the best, you have to beat the best. While I agree, I also believe that it would be more impressive to beat the best with the worst supporting case around you. It is for that reason I believe that in order for Tom Brady to secure his legacy as the greatest of all time, he should force a trade to the Browns, and then beat the Patriots.

Tom Brady is usually thought of as the best QB of all time, but one could raise questions about whether he’d be as good without the supporting cast he’s had around him. For example, the Patriots’ defense in the 5 Superbowl seasons gave up just 18.1 points per game, and in 13 of his 16 seasons, he had a top 10 defense. He also had offensive weapons that included future Hall of Famers Randy Moss and Rob Gronkowski, as well as many other very good players. 

If Tom Brady seriously wants to cement his legacy as the best of all time, he should demand to be on a team that since 2000 (when Brady entered the league) has been, on average, the 19th best scoring defense in the league opposed to the Patriots, who have averaged the 8th best scoring defense. A team that hasn’t had a playmaker on offense in nearly two decades. 

Tom Brady has done almost everything a QB can do in his career. He’s re-wrote records, led a perfect (regular) season, won multiple Super Bowls and much more. But if he led the Browns to a Super Bowl? He’d be instantly immortalized as the greatest athlete in any sport, ever.

Ball is in your court, Tom. Demand a trade to the Browns. Please.