Opinion: Tom Brady’s status as greatest QB ever hinges on result of last year’s Super Bowl

As Tom Brady gets ready to take the field in Minneapolis and go for his sixth Super Bowl ring, the question that has popped up around him for at least half a decade is in the air once again: Is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback to ever play?

That question can only be answered based on if he was able to beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI and cement his status as the greatest ever, which should provide a fascinating storyline during tonight’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. If he was able to do that, maybe even doing it in some dramatic, clutch fashion, then it’s clear that he is, and he can be awarded the GOAT Trophy, or whatever it is that you get for being the greatest ever.

So as we settle down to watch Brady try to knock off the Eagles like it’s 2005 all over again, just know what is at stake in last year’s championship game in figuring out if he’s the greatest ever. Soon we will know the answer to last season’s questions.