Report: Cavs looking to improve lottery odds by trading Isaiah Thomas to Brooklyn

CLEVELAND — The Cavaliers have been fluttering toward the trade deadline, and many believe this means there is an increased likelihood for the Cavs to pull off a trade before the deadline.  The Cavs are desperate to improve the team, but there has been a raging debate all season if they should give up their coveted unprotected Brooklyn Nets pick.  

Notable about the Nets pick though is that it is currently not set to be in the top five of the lottery, as the Nets have exceeded many expectations. According to a recent report to Cleveland Mocks, though, the Cavs are looking to make a trade that should improve their own team as well as helping their lottery odds.

The report states that the Cavs are looking to trade struggling point guard Isaiah Thomas to the Nets in the hope that he would send Brooklyn spiraling to the bottom of the standings. The Cavs believe that due to Thomas’s stellar season a year ago, the struggling Nets would have to start him. They are confident though that his dreadful defense and shot trigger quicker than Aaron Burr’s will contribute to getting the pick into the top three of the lottery.  

As for what the Cavs get back in the trade, they are not expected to ask for a haul. A possible deal-breaker is that the Cavs are demanding that every player they get back must be tall enough to ride everything at Cedar Point.