Steve Kerr concerned ‘dysfunctional’ Warriors may need 5 games to win 2019 Finals

OAKLAND, Calif. — When thinking of the Golden State Warriors of the last few seasons, adversity is not a word that comes to mind. After cruising to a sweep in last year’s NBA Finals, this year hasn’t been quite as smooth.

The Warriors have already had a fight between two of their stars, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, and have also been hit with the injury bug. Following their loss Saturday in Detroit, they have now gone just 5-8 in their last 13 games, an unexpected stretch for the juggernaut team.

Head coach Steve Kerr was asked about the recent struggles and locker room divide, and the team’s leader appears to have some serious concern.

“Given everything that’s gone on this year, it has become a real possibility that it may take us five games to win the Finals,” said the normally confident coach. “It’s a tough pill for our team to swallow, but we are very dysfunctional right now, and unless we can get our act together in the next few months, this really doesn’t look like a team that is guaranteed to sweep the Eastern Conference champs.”  

Star point guard and inventor of the humble shimmy Stephen Curry echoed these thoughts by Kerr. He even went a little further, saying that if the Warriors fail to gel and solve the Durant-Green feud, they could even lose a playoff game before the Finals. Curry did add that no matter how many games the NBA Finals goes, he has no plans of winning the Finals MVP.