Baker Mayfield’s maturity a critical issue, says poll of sports talk show hosts

CLEVELAND — Baker Mayfield has caused plenty of discussion around the sports world with his postgame comments on former Browns coach Hue Jackson. Many found it interesting that Mayfield lacked respect for the coach that went 3-36-1, took zero accountability, and actively held back his progression as an NFL quarterback.

Some question the maturity of the Browns’ rookie QB and think the topic is worthy of discussion, and in a recent poll of sports talk show hosts, that sentiment was unanimous.

“Baker’s maturity level is definitely worth talking about,” said Shannon Sharpe, co-host of the show “Undisputed.” “It’s a great topic to talk about at 9:30 am Eastern Time weekdays on Fox Sports 1. Please contact your cable or satellite provider for channel information in your area.”

Talk show host Colin Cowherd said he believes Mayfield still has not matured and that he will continue to think that until the opposite opinion will help his ratings.

Mayfield is unfazed by all the discussion of his comments, pointing out that he is not a cookie-cutter quarterback. These comments were not taken well by all, including some media members that thought the statement disrespected cookie cutters and their value in making a delicious and well-shaped dessert.    

“That’s right, he’s no cookie cutter,” said ESPN’s “First Take” co-host Stephen A. Smith, “because a cookie cutter actually fits in no matter with what it’s working with and gets the job done.”

The hosts also all agreed that the Washington Redskins were justified in claiming linebacker Reuben Foster, who was released by the San Francisco 49ers after his third domestic violence arrest. They all echoed that he deserves a fourth chance and the public should not be so quick to judge someone’s character without getting to know them.