Hue Jackson throws tire under the bus

CINCINNATI — Fresh off a beatdown at the hands of his former team, Cincinnati Bengals coach coordinator intern special assistant Hue Jackson was quick to point the finger on what went wrong. Citing slick road conditions on the way to Paul Brown Stadium, Jackson mentioned it could have contributed to the team’s poor play on the field.

“I take full ownership of the team’s performance, but I do want to mention that our Michelin XRV tires need to do a better job of contributing to the team,” Jackson mentioned in his Tuesday press conference after the Bengals’ 35-20 loss to the Cleveland Browns. “I’m not putting blame on anyone or circular mass of rubber in specific, but those tires need to do a better job of providing reliable grip and traction on the roads.”

Jackson also mentioned the possibility of getting more involved in the team’s transportation in the future.

After seeing the Bengals give up over 300 yards of offense and 28 points in the first half alone, Jackson also didn’t rule out making a change at starting passenger side tire for this week’s matchup against the Denver Broncos. He added that he will have to look at the tape before making any decisions.