NFL apologizes to Browns for too many apologies this season

CLEVELAND — This Browns season had many storylines, and one recurring one seemed to be some officiating calls not favoring the Browns.

The NFL did fully make up for each bad call, though, with a midweek apology that helped nothing. Examples of apologies include a Week 1 roughing the passer on Myles Garrett, a Week 4 strip sack called dead in Oakland, and a missed blatant false start against the Chargers that lead to the firing of a ref.

Just this past week, in fact, the Browns were robbed of a touchdown on a Lamar Jackson fumble.

The NFL did once again issue an apology to the Browns to close out the season. A memo sent from the Commissioner’s Office today apologized for sending out too many apologies to the Browns during the season.

A spokesman from the NFL commented on the memo.

“The Browns were screwed by the refs many times this season, and we thought it was only right to give them one more apology,” said the spokesman  “This final apology will make up for all of the calls that potentially decided games.”

This apology is sure to not please Browns fans, but some have expressed thanks in the calls that lead to the firing of Hue Jackson. The memo did add that in upcoming seasons the NFL is finally looking forward to screwing the Browns in playoff games.