Trevor Bauer leads majors in Online WAR

CLEVELAND — Following a headline-grabbing Twitter fight with a Houston Astros fan that led to many accusing Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer of cyberbullying, the right-hander took over the major-league lead in Online WAR (Wars Above Replacement).

Bauer has demonstrated his skills of getting in fights online over the years, including getting the entire Astros pitching staff to blast him for accusing the team of using a foreign substance to increase their spin rates and alienating many by joining the “birther movement” in opposition of former President Barack Obama.

Bauer has never been shy about tweeting back at users who smack talk him, but his latest spat has him among the most valuable online warriors in baseball history, according to trolling analytics expert Pete Erickson.

“Bauer turns 28 next week, which means he should already be past the point where a player’s immaturity peaks and he starts to become more responsible,” Erickson said. “But the numbers say he is only getting more combative and controversial, so I am very excited to see where he goes from here.”

After finishing third among American League pitchers with 6.1 Wins Above Replacement in 2018, Bauer has a very good chance of becoming the first Indians player to lead the league in both types of WAR since Albert Belle in 1995 (Online WAR is estimated for seasons prior to 2006 due to Twitter not existing yet).