Report: Kevin Durant doesn’t care what you think except for when he does

OAKLAND, Calif. — Multiple reports have been indicating lately that Kevin Durant does not care whatsoever what the public thinks about him, but there is an exception which is the times that he does care. After Durant’s controversial move to the Warriors last summer, there are a lot of fans who share an unfavorable opinion of the superstar forward.

Durant has become somewhat of a villain from the whole ordeal, and that is role he is trying very hard to convince himself to embrace.

“I’m just loving life as a champion, and not paying attention to certain things people have to say, but definitely being bothered by other things,” remarked the recent NBA Finals MVP.  

Sources also indicated that Durant felt winning the championship would make him well-liked again, but claimed he “didn’t care” that the hate was still out there. This season, Durant plans to fully embrace the villain role by constantly tweeting out how he is better at basketball and has more money than his followers so everyone should stop smack-talking him.

The reports say that Durant reads through every twitter and youtube comment about him due to his immense lack of caring.  Sources also say that he really doesn’t care that going to a 73 win team doesn’t suddenly make him the best player in the world, hence why he commented “Nah” on a fan’s true statement that LeBron is in fact the best player in the world.  In between responding to tweets of former fans, he intends to remind the world at least twice a week that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.