Hue Jackson promises to jump in Lake Erie again next year if Browns win total goes down

CLEVELAND– As many know by now, Hue Jackson will soon be fulfilling his promise of jumping in Lake Erie, which will lead to a tie in wins vs. lake jumps in Cleveland for Hue.  Jackson infamously promised to take the plunge if the Browns went 1-15 again after the 2016 season. Though the Browns did not go 1-15, winning 0 games will still lead Hue into the water.  This experience has not stopped Hue from making another proclamation heading into the 2018 season.

“I will jump in the lake again next year if our win total goes down” said the somehow still employed Browns coach.  “I guarantee at the worst we will win the same amount of games as 2017”. It is bold for Jackson to make another statement after the embarrassment of this past season, but some believe this one is a little more likely to keep Hue dry.  

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has stated that he would like coach Jackson to get a win or 2 this year, but Jackson will keep his job regardless.  Jackson did add that if the season goes badly again it will definitely not be his fault.