Browns mistakenly bring in wrong Adam Jones after seeing Cleveland fans calling for other Adam Jones

Cleveland– Its no secret that in Northeast Ohio, football is always a hot topic, especially on twitter. But just this once, it was baseball that was the prevailing hashtag in Cleveland sports. This is what lead to some confusion on the part of the Browns.

News came in Thursday that the Browns were bringing in cornerback Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones for a workout with the team. When asked about this, GM John Dorsey alluded to twitter calling for the addition of Adam Jones. It turns out, however, that it was Indians twitter calling for Jones, not Browns twitter.

Indians fans looking for bat upgrade in center field were calling on the Indians to bring in Baltimore Orioles’ outfielder Adam Jones, a 5 time all star who will likely be dealt in the coming week, not the 35 year old corner coming off a serious groin injury.

At this point, whether either Jones will be rostered in Cleveland is unclear. The Indians have been rumored to be looking at Adam Jones (the outfielder) but no deal is imminent.

This still does raise the question of how many roster decisions Dorsey has crowd-sourced from #BrownsTwitter and if he is, the fans have been doing a better job than Ray Farmer ever did so far.