Cleveland Knocks: Episode 1

Don’t have HBO? Cleveland Mocks has you covered with this weekly series. We’ll break down each episode as if we were Justin Gilbert breaking down in man coverage.

The episode starts out with footage of the LeBron mural coming down, serving as HBO taking their obligatory shot at Cleveland.

Some fun things that happened in tonight’s episode:

Tyrod Taylor arrived at training camp very early, which already demonstrates that he’s a better acquisition than Justin Gilbert was.

Hue Jackson did mention Josh Gordon will be back at training camp. Viewers are left to speculate whether he is referring to this year’s training camp, or a future camp on another team.

Carl Nassib was lecturing the D line on compound interest and investment strategy. This will come in handy when he’s cut on next week’s episode.

Jarvis Landry has already coached the offense more in one WR meeting than Coach Jackson did all last year.

Some Takeaways:

When Brogan Roback inevitably gets cut, it will be tough pill to swallow. He’s been doing an adequate job of stocking snacks in the QB RV, but will it be enough to keep his spot on the roster?

I’d rather have a one handed Jarvis Landry on my team than a five handed Kenny Britt.

Some questions I still have:

Why do the Browns order helmets with stripes only to take them off? And then put them back on? Shouldn’t they get them stripless and have stripes come with them?

Find out on the next Hard Knocks, HBO, Tuesday Night.