Cleveland Knocks: Episode 3

Don’t have HBO? Cleveland Mocks has you covered with this weekly series. We’ll break down each episode as if we were Justin Gilbert breaking down in man coverage.

After taking a week off for dramatic emphasis, we are back with our Hard Knocks recap.

Some fun things that happened in tonight’s episode:

Brad Paisley is apparently a Browns fan and was at practice. He didn’t seem very knowledgeable about football. Him speaking to the team kind of reminded me of when Sportscenter features a terminally ill child at a pro team’s practice. Nice to see, but clearly didn’t know what he was doing.

HBO is determined to make it seem like Dez Bryant is the greatest guy in the world.

Nate Orchard seems like a great guy, with a nice family. This will make it tougher when he gets cut.

Some Takeaways:

Bob Wylie is the real deal. Some of his one-liners were iconic. As fans, we need to hope he gets the Chris Tabor treatment and outlasts everyone else on this staff.

When Hue Jackson talks to Baker Mayfield, it reminds me of when there’s a nerd who always tried to hang around the cool kid. And Hue is the nerd.

Devon Cajuste still working hard. He made a nice special teams play, but also made some really good looking cookies (even if Seth DeValve refused to try them).

Some questions I still have:

What will the best rivalry be? The contenders:

Browns vs. Steelers

Todd Haley vs. Gregg Williams

Todd Haley vs. Carl Nassib

So is it Tuh-Rod or Tie-Rod?

Find out on the next Hard Knocks, HBO, Tuesday Night.