Cleveland Knocks: Episode 4

Don’t have HBO? Cleveland Mocks has you covered with this weekly series. We’ll break down each episode as if we were Justin Gilbert breaking down in man coverage.

The penultimate episode begins with Hue Jackson lecturing the team on what winning teams do. Not 100% sure where he got this knowledge.

Some fun things that happened in tonight’s episode:

A really fun shot of a Baker Mayfield tossing a pass to Hollywood Higgins.

We relive Tyrod Taylor’s injury against the Eagles and it makes it even more clear that he shouldn’t have gone back in the game.

And with Hue Jackson extremely adamant that Baker Mayfield shouldn’t get any first team reps, it made for a tough situation.

Some Takeaways:

Hue has done a complete 180. Originally he wanted to bench healthy players to avoid injury and now he wants to play injured players.

Bob Wylie. Still golden.

Baker Mayfield shined at the rookie talent show. Should football not work, he has a career as a John Dorsey impersonator.

Some questions I still have:

Is the “Nap Trailer” for real? A 0-16 team can really afford players to sleep during practice? This stuff writes itself.

Will Carl Nassib’s investment strategy be enough to cement a roster spot? Will Nate Orchard’s family’s cookies earn him a roster spot?

Find out on the next Hard Knocks, HBO, Tuesday Night.